Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef


Quality grass fed grass finished beef.

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I’m proud to announce that I’ve partnered with FarmFoods, a 100% grass fed grass finished beef and healthy meat provider

There are no antibiotics or hormones in any of their meat. Chickens are pasture-raised, and all the farms use sustainable practices while bringing quality meats to your table. 

What really stood out about FarmFoods wasn’t just the taste and flavor of the food, it is the transparency they provide in knowing exactly where my food is coming from. And I think in today’s food supply chain…there’s something to be said about that. 

They work with over a dozen farms across the U.S. (but mostly in the Midwest) and all those farms can be researched right on their website so you know who they are and what they stand for.  The principles FarmFoods exhibits makes this a company I can stand behind…the tastiness of their meats helps a lot too :)!  

What is grass finished vs grass fed?

Grass fed means that the cattle have predominantly eaten grass and forage throughout their life, but not their entire life. The cows may have been given supplemental grains or were finished on a grain diet. Grass finished, on the other hand, means that the cattle have only eaten grass and forage their entire lives.

If you value knowing exactly where your food is coming from and you shop for the highest quality food at a fair price…you’ll love FarmFoods!

Here are my 5 favorite grass fed recipes

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