Easy Chicken Gyro Recipe

Easy chicken gyro

Easy Chicken Gyro Recipe

An easy Chicken Gyro recipe the whole family can enjoy!

Adapted from Suzy at The Mediterranean Dish

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Easy chicken gyro

Damn this was good! This easy chicken gyro recipe from Suzy at The Mediterranean Dish was super easy and super tasty! It’s been a long time since my last gyro and I’m happy to say this one didn’t disappoint!

Chicken marinating in a bag

Suzy’s marinade was spot on and I think a big reason why the chicken was so tender. I followed it to a T (well, everything except the ground coriander) and marinated it for about 3 hours and it was definitely spot on!

Marinated chicken frying in a pan

Once the chicken was ready, I put a little avocado oil in the pan and started frying it up. Cooked it for about 4-5 minutes a side and it was just right.

Cooked chicken in a bowl

There’s not a whole lot to this recipe, so once the chicken was cooked, I set it aside in a bowl and started getting the pita ready to complete the gyro.

Whole wheat pitas in a bag

I used these whole wheat pitas from Trader Joe’s. Just another way to make a healthy recipe even healthier!

Avocado tzatziki spread on a pita

Heat the pita for a few minutes and spread some Tzatziki on it.

Avocado tzatziki dip

I know Suzy likes to make her own Tzatziki, but I just used this store-bought Avocado Tzatziki Dip from Trader Joe’s. Probably not at good as the homemade stuff, but pretty damn good for a substitute.

Chicken on pita with tzatziki

Then add your cooked chicken.

Is chicken gyro healthy?

I’m no expert, but…yeah it is! It depends on what you put in and on your gyro but typically a chicken gyro with veggies is a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to name a few. Being able to control the ingredients by making a chicken gyro at home is always the way to go if you want to ensure you’re eating a healthy chicken gyro.

Easy chicken gyro
Jarred kalamata olives

Now add the rest of your desired toppings. I went with tomato, red onion, cucumber, and Kalamata olives. Wrap it all up (as best as you can) and enjoy!

Tools I used in this recipe:

Get Suzy’s recipe here.

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