Ham and Cheese Panini with Apples

Ham and cheese panini

Ham and Cheese Panini with Apples

Ham and Cheese Panini with Apples…BOOM!

Adapted from The Food Network

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Ham and cheese panini

Damn! Look at that Ham and Cheese Panini! I mean who wouldn’t like to sink their teeth into that bad boy? A few ingredients (and a brick lol) is all you need to start chowing down on this toasted treat.

Sliced apples and thyme

How to make a ham and cheese panini

The first thing we need to do is slice up some apples. Then, we’ll chop some thyme. It makes for a pretty solid combination…I must say.

I’m allergic to apples (wait…WHAT?) but being that the skin was removed and the apples were cooked, I SURVIVED! 🙂

Sliced apples cooking in a pan
Sliced apples and thyme cooking in a pan

Next, throw them in a preheated pan with butter. Cook and stir until the apples are slightly soft. 

Mustard spread on whole wheat bread

While you prepare your bread, preheat your panini press, or in my case, my Lodge Cast Iron Griddle. Spread each bread slice with 1 tablespoon mustard.

I used a nice Country-style Whole Wheat, but you can use whatever bread you want.

Making a ham and cheese panini

Now, START STACKING! First, start with my favorite part…CHEESE!! It’s up to you how cheesy you want your panini to be, but go ahead and layer it with some cheese.

Making a ham and cheese panini

After that, add your preferred ham. I used a Virginia ham, but again, you can use any ham you’d like.

Next, once the apples are cooked, go ahead and add them on top of the ham. 

Making a ham and cheese panini

Finally, let’s finish it off with some more cheese.

Ham and cheese panini on a griddle

I sprinkled a little olive oil on top of the bread to keep it from sticking.

A brick wrapped in foil pressed on top of a sandwich
A brick resting on tin foil

Now comes the finishing touch (and the best part). I wrapped a brick in tin foil and used it as a weight to keep on top of the panini. I mean, you can’t really have a panini without those pressed lines in the bread, can you?

This 4.5″ x 9″ paver did just the trick!

Ham and cheese panini
Ham and cheese panini close up

Nothing like a brick-pressed panini for dinner. Enjoy!

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Tools I used in this recipe:

Get the recipe here.

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